Acupuncture stimulation, Naturopathy, Manual Osteopathy, Acupressure Massage Therapy 

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          Osteo Naturopath Clinic 

Welcome to Osteo Naturopath Clinic;

We are a holistic clinic that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western medical technology to treat, improve and

 maintain optimum health for life.

Our unique skills, combining Acupuncture(with electro acupuncture point stimulator),Aucupressure Massage Therapy, Naturopathy (Natural Healing, Essential Oil& Herbal Tea) and Manual Osteopathy (Spinal decompression), allow us to pinpoint and identify the root of ailments and treat them with 

extreme accuracy.

According to patient’s conditions, we would come up with a sole treatment plan for you. 

Our 360 degree medical care strategy and personalized treatment would let you enjoy impressive results and  improve your life quality evidently. Our clients are highly satisfy with our prevention plan which works best with our health maintenance therapy massage.

We are pharmaceuticals free,so no side effects will be brought to you after taking treatments or herbal tea. 

We focus on and treat root cause of illness.With the help of the mix treatment, provided by our specialists,

we would alleviate your pain, treat all the root causes which linked to pain and other problems of the body and mind to motivate your physical function within a few treatments.

We are specialized in the curing of the difficulty diseases, even it is the etiology unknown and doctor said no cure.


***We offer insurance receipts for regular treatment, but not for any promotion deals.***

( Please note that Manual Osteopathy and Naturopathy are exempt, 

but Massage therapy need to add HST on top, so the total is $90.4/h for massage receipt)

Naturopathic acupuncture + manual osteopathy treatment                             $50 ***NO TAX***

Holistic Treatment (Massage+Spinal adjustment+acupuncture(optional))          $86 ***NO TAX***

Our composite treatment is used all kind of the ancient Chinese treatments, include acupressure massage, acupuncture points stimulation, naturopathy, Chinese herbal tea, cupping, guasha, ai herb therapy, reflexology, manual osteopathy depend on your condition, we will select the best possible treatment for you. We use many types of nature methods to induce your body to heal itself, restore its natural balance, and relieve many types of difficulties, such as; headache and migraine, insomnia, stomach and digestive problems, menopausal symptoms. We can also help with the treatment of the consequences of stroke and partial facial paralysis sequels, constipation, irregular menstruation, high blood pressure, anxiety and all kind of difficulty health problems.

----Sport Related Injuries

----Stress And Depression

----All kinds of back pain  

----Frozen Shoulder And Tennis Elbow

----Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

----Plantar Fascia, foot pain

----Wrist pain, Knee pain and Ankle pain

----Sciatica,Herniated disc. 

----Constipation, Bladder infection

----Lung infection

----Colds, Flu, Sore Throat

----Sleep disorders (Hard to fall asleep/ wake up during sleep)

----Anxiety, Low Energy in General

----Pinched Nerves & Nerve Compression

----Osteo Arthritis

----Irregular heart beat and sweating at night

----Losing bladder control

----Migraine And Headache

----Digestive Problems, Stomachache

----Irregular Menstruation, Ovarian cyst

----Reproduction problem

----Detoxification Your Body

----High Blood Pressure

----Stroke And Face Paralysis Sequels

----Post Concussion Syndrome

----Numbness & Cramps

----Other Difficulty Health Problems


我们主要提供中西合璧的治疗项目: 西医的整骨加上中医的经络推拿和治疗,电子针灸,中药, 共振疗法,刮痧及拔罐等。

我们承传了几近失传的“针灸指”绝艺和硬气功以及拥有40年以上经验的针灸大师的知识,指力深入渗透到经络深处并可触及深层的结节和堵塞,然后运用指力将它揉开, 清除患者的经络堵塞,帮助患者更有效地提升气激发自身的自愈系统, 专治莫名病症和各种西医无法治愈的疑难杂症. 气血差和病情重的患者配合中药和针灸,效果更加明显和快速。加上整骨师的加盟,我们更能够融会贯通西医的理念与实践,配合传统的中医治疗,达到更好的治疗效果。


主治  :全身疼痛、偏头痛、颈椎病、腰肌劳损或扭伤、坐骨神经痛、腰间盘突出症、关节炎、足跟痛、痛风;慢性肾病、哮喘、失眠、抑郁症、胃病、便秘、前列腺病、性功能减退、手脚冰凉、湿疹、鼻炎、面肌痉挛、肢体震颤、心悸、面神经麻痹、中风后遗症、月经不调、更年期综合征、关节肿痛等。

我们所有的治疗师都有着丰富的专业知识及临床工作经验。提供按摩,自然疗法, 整骨的保险报销单据。


Fastest way to reach us: ONLINE APPOINTMENT through e-mail

     We will respond to your message within as soon as possible


Address:                 Gatineau Location:                
                            B202(A VOTRE SANTE) 
                            745, chemin d'Aylmer
                            Gatineau, QC, J9H 0B8
 ( Parking is at the back and enter from that door to 2nd floor, 
                     we are at your left. )

                             Montreal Location:  
                              15th ave. Roxboro  

Phone Number: 514-862-1130


Hours of Operation(Gatineau)