Acupressure points stimulation, Traditional Naturopathy
     Manual Osteopathy, Acupressure Massage Therapy 

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Quotes I started seeing Yiwen about a year ago for my migraines and other issues. She has helped me a lot! With her help, I have come a long way. I used to have migraines 5 days out of 7 from a concussion and now i have small headaches here and there, they are so few that i don't keep track. She is very professional and good at what she does and gives great tips! That's the reason I keep coming back for the maintenance program to be pain free. I would recommend her for any post concussion symptoms or other issues you have. Quotes

Quotes It is a fabulous clinic offering many types of therapies, nice discovery! It provides very professional and knowledgeable services. Quotes

Quotes I am Yiwen's patient for a while. I told her all my story(2 ectopic pregnancy, 3 ivf, it is not all about the filling but money, stress and desperation and all the stuffs like sleep disorders... ) I spent 3 years with another acupuncturist for nothing. He plugs the needles on you and go to take care of others clients and come back after 30 minutes, remove the needle and always the same part of my body. Yiwen knows how to take care of her clients. First of all, she explores all your body to find out where the issue is and starts working on each problem. I couldn't get to sleep for more than 6 months, I start going to her every week and she helps me a lot regarding my sleep disorders and my fertility. I am now 5 months pregnant and a happy woman! I recommend Yiwen to everyone, because she knows her job and she is good at it. Quotes

Quotes I saw Yiwen whilst in an extreme toxic histamine reaction to so-called "bio-identical" but what were in fact synthetic hormones. I was facing more chronic incompetence in the allopathic medical systems, as the Western medical establishment tried to remedy their errors by recommending more and more toxic hard-core drugs, from which one never recovers. After seeing Yiwen for two sessions, some of my chronic conditions can finally be alleviated using her systematic and effective approach to whole-body wellness and the following issues were resolved: rash, including burning, swelling dryness cuts, a toxic drug reaction, bad sleeping, night sweats, heart discomfort, as well as generalized overwhelm, depression and anxiety at my own toxic reaction. She is thorough, extremely professional and gentle, attending to every single aspect of my complaints. In my opinion, Yiwen should be the first stop in happy health, she offers an ideal protocol that actually works! Quotes

Quotes Yiwen Li is a miracle worker. After 4 therapies, my chronic knee pain has vanished, and I have regained flexibility in my hips and back. I?ve learned so much about the human body through her sessions, about how connected our organ systems are, about the importance of circulation and what it means to create and sustain wellness. She brings a thorough, efficient, and integrated approach. Quotes

Quotes My very first appointment I came to see Yiwen for a massage, when I explained my lower back pain to her she recommended manual osteopathy. I had never had that service before but she walked me through everything that she was going to do and made me feel very comfortable. More importantly, after about 30 minutes ALL my pain was gone and has not come back since. I could not believe that it only took one session to relieve my pain. After such a positive experience I decided to see if Yiwen could help me again. I came back a couple of weeks later with some stomach aches I?d been having for a few months. I was not sure how she would be able to help but after seeing a specialist without any results I decided to try the osteopath approach again. I?m glad that I did because it only took 1 week for Yiwen to relieve my ongoing stomach pain. I have already recommended Yiwen to several friends and family ? they can?t wait to get an appointment with her after hearing my amazing experience Quotes
Satisfied client

Quotes Yiwen is a great massage and manual osteopath. I have frozen shoulder and tennis eblow on both arms. After 4 sessions with Yiwen, my pain has released totally and now I can function properly and play my table tennis games. I do not know how to express my thank you in words. I will definite recommend Yiwen for my friends and anyone that have the same health problem without any hesitation. Quotes

Quotes In February of 2015, I developed pain in my left foot, I tried vitamins but still remained in pain! My job involves standing for prolonged period of time so that made it worse. I went to osteo naturopath clinic in June of 2015 for acupressure massages. Along the therapies, the pain gradually was less and less until one day in the last week of September I woke up, stepped on the floor and there was no more pain on the foot. Along with my foot pain my back pain also healed.And I experienced more energy than before! Quotes

Quotes Yiwen is a skilled, dedicated, and passionate professional who always goes above and beyond to help her clients. I have had chronic back pain for over 10 years due to sports as well as from working in an office environment. I had discussed this pain before with my family doctor as well as several other doctors, but the only recommendations I received were ?do more back stretches? or ?take painkillers?. In one 60 minute session with Yiwen, my back healed by 70%. After seeing her one more time the following week, my back healed 100% and has not bothered me since. Yiwen is not only wonderful at working with chronic pain but also with pain that can arise from trauma, illness, or recent events. She healed my wrists after I injured them from moving into our new home in only 2 sessions. If you are looking for a holistic therapy(with no side effects) for pain, discomfort, or illness, I strongly recommend that you go and see Yiwen. Quotes

Quotes I am angry with myself for waiting so long to see Yiwen. Years ago she worked wonders on my back pain and for months it didn't dawn on me that I should see her for heel pain. In Feb. I was in Florida and wore new shoes for three days, for four months my heel pain continued to get worse to the point that by June I could barely walk. After my first visit to Yiwen I would say the pain was about half, and after second visit and ninety % gone. It has been over a month and the pain is gone I am debating if I should try those shoes again. Yiwen is a miracle worker! Ken Ogburn 291 8022 Quotes
Ken Ogburn
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