Acupressure points stimulation, Traditional Naturopathy
     Manual Osteopathy, Acupressure Massage Therapy 

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Quotes Yiwen is very kind and friendly as well as knowledgeable. After seeing her just a few times I felt an immediate difference where I was having pain regularly in my back. She was able to help me find the relief I needed. She is also very dedicated to helping solve any problems you may have. She went to great lengths to help resolve a muscle twitch that has been consistently reoccurring with me. I am very happy with her therapies as she shows that she truly does care and wishes to heal. Quotes

Quotes My husband and I were treated by Yiwen, for back pain and for poor circulation. We found her therapies very effective. A few months ago I fell down the stairs at home and I suffered Cuboid Syndrome caused by the trauma. I have been going for physio and doing rehab 3x week for the past 4 months and seeing the foot specialist 1x week. The recovery has been very slow; I was in so much pain - Yiwen quickly put my mind at ease by making me understand what is going on with my body. After 3 sessions with her, I am truly encouraged with the improvement in my recovery. Yiwen does not hesitate to recommend ways to help oneself at home as well. She is a true Professional... very caring & very knowledgeable !! No matter what your health issues or concerns may be, I highly recommend you seek the services of Yiwen. Quotes
Lea Smith

Quotes We came to this clinic in April and the therapist is knowledgeable and very professional. The place is clean and staffs are very friendly. We have more ideas about body signs and usage of essential oil after one session. Although we work in Toronto, still looking forward another session when we are in town again in May! Quotes
Satisfied couples

Quotes Several years ago, a car accident left one knee with flattened cartilage behind my kneecap. Once in a while, the area around my kneecap gets irritated and swollen. As a result, I limp around in pain and used to take ibuprofen for days to get rid of my pain until i finally find this unique therapy in osteo naturopath clinic, it helped me out to make my pain go away without pain killer. The therapist firstly used Oregano essential oil on my swelling area to reduce inflammation, then combined massage and adjustment to deal with my issue. In three months, my knee didn't act up anymore. Quotes

Quotes I first found this place thanks to a groupon deal. While I had gone in expecting a relaxing massage, it actually ended up being a traditional Chinese therapeutic massage. Yiwen really worked my muscles and did some energy lines clearing. I`m going to be honest, the experience was a bit shocking at first because the technique requires a lot of pressure and may cause your body to be sore for a day or two. But I swear it works! That hour of being kneaded really paid off because my body felt amazing after. I went for four other places for massage, none of them did any effect on me. Yiwen really knows what she`s doing and is an absolute magician with what she does! I am coming back for more! Quotes
Ottawa University Student

Quotes Six months of Gastro pain from my pelvic to my abdomen just under my ribs, terrible heart burn (woke up hoarse every morning), gas, and bloating and irregular bowels movements. Had CT scan, Ultra sound, Colonoscopy, saw Gynecologist and Urologist, nothing was found. Went to emergency several times, was prescribed Antibiotics for what they thought was kidney infection, the side effects were like an electric current going through my body, headaches and hair loss. I couldn`t stand the daily pain and went into a depression was give Cipralex still had suicidal thoughts then prescribed Pristiq, the side effects were horrible, I was at my wits end. Went to see Yiwen and she picked up on my liver and spleen disorder, found the lump in my abdomen, which the gastrologist said it was nothing. She massaged, performed electro acupressure points stimulation and traditonal Naturopathy, in 4 sessions, I already feel much better than I have in over a year. Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes I used to be an active person until my doctor told me that I had rheumatoid arthritis. I was not able to walk without pain. I could not do my favorite sport anymore and the pain even woke me up at night, it was awful! When pain killer doesn't work on me anymore, I decide to seek for help. That is how I find this clinic. They help me walk out from the nightmare! With the help of traditional naturopathy and manual osteopath, I do not feel the pain anymore and everyday, I wake up with full energy. I am totally a brand new person! Doctor told me that rheumatoid arthritis cannot be heal, I guess I just meet a miracle in my life. Thank you Yiwen and the other therapists in this clinic! Quotes
Moria Watson

Quotes I have been having crippling problems with my both my legs for the last 15 years. Went to all kinds of specialists with no results. Just 1 session with Yiwen and I am feeling like I haven?t felt in a very very long time. She finds the blockages and works them out. I would surely recommend her. Thank you Yiwen Quotes
Satisfied client

Quotes I have been involved in alternative medicine for many years now as my job takes a toll on my joints and body. Never have I seen results so fast and so dramatic, Yiwen has magic fingers and a thorough knowledge of the body. Two visits and I have no more pain and feel like I'm ten years younger Very special therapies which has renewed my trust in this sort of therapy Quotes
ken ogburn
chef du cuisine

Quotes I am very happy that I have came to yiwen, she is a very wise lady with magic hands, I had a hyper extended shoulder. NY doctor said it will take me a month to heal, she healed it in 2 sessions. I am very thankful and i recommend yiwen to all readers Quotes