Acupuncture points stimulation, Traditional Naturopathy
     Manual Osteopathy, Acupressure Massage Therapy 

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Quotes I have been having issues with my shoulder for many years now. I have gone to the doctors and had MRIs and nothing was ever found. I found ONC clinic services and I was so happy with the results. The services are incredible and I would highly recommend them to anyone. The clinic will not only fix your problem but will get to the root of it to ensure that it goes away once and for all. Try going one time and and you will surely go back again. Quotes

Quotes This clinic will give you the most attention and care, finding the root of your pain and working hard to solve the problem. As a pregnant woman I know I can trust her and allow my body to find some relief! Quotes

Quotes I started having issues with my sciatic nerve after years of sports and exercise. I did an MRI and went for treatments at physiotherapists to no avail. I came across ONC clinic from the internet and decided to give it a try. After the first treatment of acupressure combined with acupuncture, I was immediately transformed. We continued several more treatments over the course of a few weeks and today I am back at my rigorous workout routine. I can't say enough great words for Yiwen's healing hands. For anyone having health related issues with their bodies, don't look further. This is the only place you'll need. Quotes

Quotes An employee of mine recommended that I try ONC clinic because I am a very active individual (46 yrs) who tries very hard to take care of myself. I have been suffering from a knee and shoulder problem for years due to sports injuries and problems that can arise from life and age! I have tried EVERYTHING and worked very hard in trying to repair the damage and heal so that I could return to walking without terrible pain. NOTHING was helping, sports physio, orthodics, surgeon's advise etc... I have had 4 sessions with Kevin and Yiwen, I have not been in pain ONCE with my knee and am completely blown away with the results from treatments. I am happy to say that I am now looking to my future and not worrying about how I'm going to be able to walk later in life and am confident that I will be able to remain as active as I am now for a very long time. Thank you ever so much my doctors and I will continue with my healing through you. Quotes

Quotes After going to 3 different places, with no improvement from leg and hip pain, decided to try here. Best decision, after 1st appointment soreness was going and walked without limp. After 3 treatments almost no pain and able to flex leg completely! Recommend to everyone , "1st class" and friendly at ONC clinic. Will continue with regular follow up! Quotes

Quotes Hi, I been through two surgeries in the last year, which left me in EXTREME pain and barely mobile. I had a piece of my kidney removed because of cancer and one of my adrenal glands as well.I been to see many Doctors to get relief but to my diappointment,not one of them could help me. They just continousely prescribe and adjusted medication and their doses. Given me numerous amount of xrays and blood test, and still no results. I was referred by a friend to try ONC clinic. I have to tell you that after a few appointments,I am able to move again without pain.My spirits are high again and one added bonus which I did not expect, I no longer need my PAP machine that I was given to help me sleep at night. I thought that I would have to live in pain for the rest of my days,but..Thank God for my doctors,that's no longer an option. I only wish that I found her before I allowed them to do surgery on me. They are my saviours!!! Quotes

Quotes OK.. Now if this doesn't explain how great Yiwen is, I don't know what else would!!! I had told you in an earlier post that I had an ovarian cyst and the great relief that I experienced after going to Yiwen. Well... I had an ultrasound appointment to verify the size of the cyst ,which I schedule a few months back because of the extreme pain I was having which lead me to also try Yiwen. I could not believe it when my Doctor told me that the cyst was no longer visible. I knew that my pain and discomfort was gone but to hear from my Doctor that the cyst is gone too, well that was more confirmation that Yiwen was responsible for it all!! Thanks again Yiwen! Quotes

Quotes Its been a month now that i have integrated Chinese medicine in to my life. Instead of turning to Tylenol or western medicine each time i get a pain, cold, stomachache, allergy or problem ..I go straight to find the nature healer and I was so lucky to meet my Naturopath doctors, who are vibrant traditional Chinese medicine healers. I love how they are so dedicated to their practice, constantly furthering their training with top chinese doctors and herbologists, also top gongfu masters. They have helped me in my life both on physical and spiritual levels. One of the keys to good health is good circulation. The proper flow of energy in the body. Keep your energy flowing and your body heals. Blockages causes poor health, disease and pain. I love seeing the magic of their " Acupressure, Acupuncture and herbal tea", seeing my health is improved step by step naturally through their healing touch. As my body heals, so does my mind and soul! Quotes
Shoshana Finn , Designer

Quotes My Wife and I have been seeing the team for several months now, and are both very satisfied with their skills in acupressure,acupuncture and osteopath, While my needs were superficial compared to my wife's she brought us both great relief from our Aches and pains. They were also highly effective in helping me get rid of a nasty sinus problem and lung infection which I had suffered through repeatedly during this winter season. Their positive attitude and skills ensure that we will continue to see them for our needs. Quotes

Quotes After years of suffering from chronic skin conditions, I kept my expectations low at first, but boy, was I blown away after a single treatment, I was subjected to acupressure to acupuncture. The therapist is very obviously skilled in this domain, can feel all your body's energy channels or meridians as she proceeds to unblock the pressure points. However, your body will feel so much lighter and relaxed on the way back home. The subsequent visits will be less painful as your energy channels flow more fluidly. I have been visiting her for a few months on a regular basis. My skepticism has now dissipated under the therapist's skilled hands. My body is noticeably stronger and more energetic, for sports and among other activities... My colleagues have also given remarks about my livelier mood. Quotes